10.08.1973 - Roksana Vikaluk was born in Ternopil, Ukraine.

1992 - she graduated Music Collage in Ternopil (classical piano). She began to take private singing lessons.

1992-1994 - jazz singer in Jazz club "Nichlava" (Ternopil)

1994 - Roksana came to Silesia (Poland)

1994-1996 - collaboration with jazz pianist Wojciech Sanocki, they have created jazz duo BLACK&WHITE.

1996 - the beginning of the collaboration with Józef Skrzek, the leader of the legendary prog-rock group SBB. The collaboration has been continuing until today.

1997 - CD album "Kantata Maryjna" (live) has been recorded with J. Skrzek - church organ, moog and A. Karmańska - sopr.

1998 - video clip "Midnight Sun" (L. Hampton). It has been placed in the top ten charts of hit-parade on Ukrainian Television;
- jazz standards recordings for Ukrainian Radio;
- solo concert (voc, piano) in National Philharmonic (Warsaw)

1999-2002 - vocal Jazz education, Ewa Bem cl., Post-Secondary School of Jazz, Warsaw, Poland.

1999-2007 - Roksana was teaching piano and vocal (private lessons).

2000 - Roksana has founded the band MIZRAH (R. Vikaluk - voc., piano, R. Borowski - fl., P. Aleksandrowicz - gtr., W. Traczyk - double bass, M. Trela - dr.) (Warsaw)

2002 - on the competition "New Tradition" (Warsaw), "at the hands of" the committee chairman, the distinguished musician Czesław Niemen, the band was awarded in the form of the possibility of record an album in the best studio in Poland;
- the CD album "Mizrah" has been recorded and released by JazzForum Magazine (Poland).

2002-2007 - Jazz composition and arrangement education, Prof. A. Zubek cl., Academy of Music, Department Of Jazz and Popular Music (now Institute of Jazz), Katowice, Poland.

2004 - CD album "Viator znak pokoju" has been recorded with J. Skrzek - church organ, moog, voc., B. Mańkowska - mezzosopr., A. Poniszowska - sopr.

2005 - solo CD album "Barwy" (live) (voc., piano, electronic instr.), it has been released by Wydawnictwo21, Poland. The beginning of Folk-Electronic-Progressive - the style, in which Roksana has been working until today.

2006 - the beginning of the collaboration with Jewish Theatre in Warsaw (singer, actress, arranger).
- collaboration with Gipsy musicians Witt Michaj and Lascy Wisniewski.

2007 - CD album "Józef Skrzek East Wind. Trzyptyk Petersburski" has been recorded with J. Skrzek - electronic instr., moogs, piano, voc., M. Ogorodow - electronic instr., moog, voc., A. Ragazanow - dr., M. "Gier" Giercuszkiewicz - dr., perc. Album has been released by Wydawnictwo21, Poland.

2009 - premiere of "Jaskółka" ("Swallow") play (based on one of the stories of classical Russian writer I. Turgenev), for which Roksana has composed the music and where she appeared as a singer and actress. The play has been performing until current time. (Rampa Theater, Warsaw);

- the beginning of collaboration with Wolfram Spyra, great German electronic musician and sound explorer.

2010 - CD album "Jaskółka" ("Swallow") with music from the performance "Jaskółka" (old Slavonic songs interwined with the surroundings of electronic sounds);
- suite "Drzewo Światów" ("The Tree of the Worlds"), illustrating a collection of stories. The Suite has been created on the basis of shamanic tales, especially of the peoples of Siberia (author M. Panabażys). The project has been released in book form with accompanying CD and it's full name sounds "Drzewo Światow. Opowieści cztrech szamanów" ("The Tree of the Worlds. Tales of Four Shamanes");
- "Taki jeden dzień" - a chamber theatrical music project, inspired by motifs of Scholem Alejhem (stagin, music).

2011 - CD album "Overture" (withWolfram DER Spyrą);

2012 - work on the play "Ach, Odessa-mama..." (Teatr Żydowski, reż, J. Szurmiej), where she played the Black Clown role.
- performances within "DOKUMENTA" (Kassel);
- lead vocal workshops (Germany);
- participated in the recording of CD album "The dreams of little Se" (author -Odysseas Konstantinopoulos)

2013 - plays in Jewish Theatre (Warsaw), concerts in Ukraine, Germany, Poland;
- appearance on the TV program "Music for adults" (leading - Maria Burmaka, Ukraine, Kyiw);
- with a play "Such a day" - performance at the Jewish Culture Festival "Wandering Star" in Kiev (prize - diploma);
- event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of own creative activity with theatrical concert "Dijstwo" (Ternopil, Drama Theatre)

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Roksana Vikaluk
was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. She spent her childhood in her native land in a quiet small town not far from the mountain area. But above all, she was living with her loving family which till now continues to provide a great support for her. Since childhood she expressed an interest in all types of music – songs, instrumental, folk, modern music, etc. At an early age she started learning to play a piano, later she was continuing her studies at a secondary school of music.

In 1994 she moved to Poland. Originally it was supposed to be just a short visit, but due to circumstances she remained there permanently and now Poland has become her second home. It was here, in Poland, that she continued her studies of music. At first, due to the help and support of Ewa Bem she entered the Postliceal Jazz Studio in Warsaw to study singing. There she was pursuing her studies under Ewa Bem’s careful supervision. Then she graduated from composition and arrangement in the Department of Jazz and Recreational Music of The Music Academy in Katowice (now Institute of Jazz).

While living in Silesia, she got acquainted and initiated a fruitful cooperation with Józef Skrzek , the founder of the legendary SBB group. This cooperation resulted in numerous audio and video records, as well as in the foundation of the IN CORPORE group, including: J. Skrzek - keyboards, P. Wojtasik - trumpet, M. Muzykant – percussion, R. Vikaluk and A. Karma?ska-Poniszowska - vocals, W. Muzykant, A. Zeliszek – scenic movement. For Roksana this was an important contact with a kind of a musical play, comprising film illustrations as well as contemporary dancing. Later there were many other common enterprises, among which a solo concert at the People’s Philharmonic, participation in the Jubilee Concert of SBB in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science. Until now Józef Skrzek remains an artistic master for Roksana.

In 1999 Roksana moved to Warsaw. Here she became a co-founder and a leader of the MIZRAH group (R. Vikaluk - vocal, piano, R. Borowski - flutes, P. Aleksandrowicz - guitar, W. Traczyk - contrabass, M. Trela - percussion). The group was distinguished at the "Nowa Tradycja" ("The New Tradition") Contest in Warsaw. This helped to release the records of the "Mizrah" music by Jazz Forum Records in 2002. The record included Roksana’s arrangements of jazz and Eastern European music. Cooperation with the flautist Ryszard Borowski represented another important episode of her life. Together they were performing their own compositions and arrangements of old and folk music.

Although Roksana is spending most of her time in Poland, her roots have always been in Ukraine. From there she is getting her strength and energy. She comes back to Ukraine very often not only to visit her family home, but also to give concerts and to record music. She participated, among other events, in the All-Ukrainian Jazz festival in Ternopil. She recorded jazz standards for the Radio Ukraine as well as the video clip to L. Hampton’s standard "The Midnight Sun" which was ranking in the top ten among other records. Since recently she has been concentrated on the in-depth study of the Ukrainian archaic folk music. Ukrainian archaic motives are becoming more and more evident in Roksana’s artistic activity. Roksana is participating regularly in the Ukrainian Culture Festival in Sopot: in 2003 with her group (R. Vikaluk - vocal, R. Borowski - flute, J. Orlowski - guitar, W. Pulcyn - contrabass, R. Siwak - percussion) and with the solo programme in the next years.

An exceptionally creative mood of Poland and cooperation with the artists in Homeland display a significant influence on Roksana’s artistic route. Presently she is appearing in concerts with a solo programme, combining Eastern roots and the Western influences . She works in Folk-Electronic-Progressive style. Accompanying herself on a piano and on electronic instruments, she is presenting old Ukrainian melodies in her own arrangements and her own compositions on the words of Ukrainian poets T. Shevchenko, I. Franko, B. Lepky… . This programme was recorded by WYDAWNICTWO 21as the “Barwy” album which was first released in December 2005.

Currently Roksana collaborates with great German electronic musician and sound explorer Wolfram Spyra Together they have created the duo MOON&MELODY and trio ZWUK("Der Spyra Band"), with guitarist Robert Golla . Also she collaborates with Jewish and Rampa Theatres in Warsaw. She composed music for play "Jaskółka"(premiere 2009, Rampa), where she also appeared as a singer and actress (containing the music CD has been released in 2010) . Furthermore, the suite "Drzewo Światów" ("The Tree of the Worlds") has appeard. The Suite has been created on the basis of shamanic tales, especially of the peoples of Siberia (author M. Panabażys). The project has been released in book form with accompanying CD and it's full name sounds "Drzewo Światow. Opowieści cztrech szamanów" ("The Tree of the Worlds. Tales of Four Shamanes")

In Jewish Theatre Roksana released "Taki jeden dzień" ("Such a day") - a chamber theatrical music project, inspired by motifs of Scholem Alejhem .