"Drzewo Światów. Opowieści czterech szamanów"
Suite "Drzewo Światów" ("The Tree of the Worlds"), illustrating a collection of stories. The Suite has been created on the basis of shamanic tales, especially of the peoples of Siberia (author M. Panabażys). The project has been released in book form with accompanying CD and it's full name sounds "Drzewo Światów. Opowieści cztrech szamanów" ("The Tree of the Worlds. Tales of Four Shamanes").

Old Slavonic songs interwined with the surroundings of electronic sounds. Music for play "Jaskółka"(premiere 2009, Rampa), where Roksana also appeared as a singer and actress.

Currently in her creative works Roksana Vikaluk is paying much attention to Ukrainian culture and to Ukrainian traditions many of which are reaching pre-Christian times. While treating Ukrainian melodies with due respect, she is modernizing them by the use of electronic instruments or by creating typical for the 21st century arrangements. She is constantly in search of new forms of musical presentations. Her arrangements and performances are quite different, ranging from the a cappella singing through the delicate harmonic colourisation serving as a background for a song to electronic and vocal compositions representing a kind of an auditory spectacle. Spectacularity is a basic feature of the music created and performed by Roksana Vikaluk.

"Mizrah" - Eastern Reflexions, Western Inspirations.
The "Mizrah"album represents a very original kind of music which is difficult to classify. Three points seem to be the most important. First, the initial material, representing the music with Eastern folk motives as well as original Roksana’s Vikaluk compositions arranged in a close to jazz way; second, the jazz "basis", and third, a very specific Roxana’s singing which naturally reaches the Eastern roots. The music performed by a quintet may be defined as a sort of a "world music"; the use of Ukrainian, Hebraic and Tatar themes represent also an important element, permitting to regard these compositions as "ethnic music".