Voice. Vocals and accompaniment​

The voice says a lot about our personality, about our inner state. Singing is a magical ritual that gives us a sense of fulfilment, and it can trigger inner possibilities that we didn’t even suspect existed.


Come to my studio if you…

  • would like to get to know your voice and learn to sing
  • you would like to know how to sing and interpret a classical/jazz/folk song or gypsy romance;
  • you would like to accompany yourself when singing
  • you know what it means to use your voice consciously, but you would like to learn more about it learn about it
  • your profession requires you to use your voice in a professional way, because you are a teacher, an actor, etc.
  • someone once told you that you are not good at singing, but deeply inside you feel that this is not true
  • you do not like the sound of your voice
  • you notice discomfort when speaking

What will you learn?

  • Conscious and professional usage of your own voice – Mastery of technique, incl. classical and white (Eastern folk) singing.
    – Expanding the power of your own voice – Recognising and developing your own vocal abilities, their natural beauty and strength.
  • Working with a microphone and a looper (“looper” – an electronic device for creating music loops, allowing you to overlay vocal motifs to create a live background for songs / improvisations. This develops harmonic, melodic and rhythmic sense).
  • Singing with your own accompaniment on the piano or a keyboard (requires the basics of playing an instrument).
  • Interpretation of sung texts, distinguishing jazz standards, sung poetry; Old Slavic folk songs including Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish songs and Gypsy romances.
  • Improvisation based on jazz standards and widely understood improvisation based on a piece of music with or without lyrics; rhyming text or prose; scat technique; improvisation with movement, “singing” of objects and situations (improvisation on a specific theme);
  • Sharpen your musical sense of hearing with ear training courses

For whom?

  • young people aged minimum 15 and over, and adults who are taking their first steps on the path to exploring the Magical World of the Singing Sound;
  • experienced singers wishing to expand their vocal and creative skills;
  • school teachers, educators, actors, and people who use their voice as a the main tool when working under difficult, stressful conditions.


Classes are conducted in languages:

English, Polish, Ukrainian, German.

In some cases, online courses are possible.