Folktronica duo formed by Roksana Vikaluk and German musician, inventor Wolfram Spyra.
They met in 2009 during the “Schody do nieba” festival organised by Józef Skrzek, the leader of SBB, in the Silesian Planetarium in Chorzów.

The music created by the duo is inspired by the Sound of the World – it is not only about folk melodies, but equally about the sounds of Life around us, – sounds that Roksana and Wolfram try to capture and then process, to adopt in their own unique way. While respecting the constancy of Tradition, at the same time they remain in natural harmony with the World of Sounds pulsing around them, which is constantly changing, metamorphosing. By immersing themselves in it, they discover themselves, other musical spaces, each time anew….

Folk melodies, sounds of the street, of nature, pulsating rhythms, white singing; the combination of acoustic (unplugged) and electronic instrumentation, sound effects – all this can be described as the style of progressive Folk-Electronic within which the duo creates.

Certainly one of the most interesting elements of the programme performed by Moon&Melody is the playing of the Bow Chime instrument, constructed by Bob Rutman as well as innovative real-time sampling technology.


Released albums:

Overture (2011, Germany)

Requiem (2017, Germany)

inSPYRAtion …featuring Roksana (2019, Netherlands)

inSPYRAtion 2 (Spyra-Liese-Vikaluk) (2020, Germany)

Voices of Ancestors (2021, Germany)


They compose music for theatre performances and film trailers;

They organise and participate in sonic art exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

They conduct workshops.

Roksana Vikaluk is a Ukrainian-Jewish multi instrumentalist, singer, actress, composer, pedagogue, essayist with a special connection to Poland. She lives in Germany.  Her music derives from mainly Ukrainian and Jewish traditional music and poetry, Jazz, electronic music traditions, neoclassic and Theatre. She is singing in 10 languages, using 4 voice technics, including White Voice singing, as well as she plays electronics, piano, traditional Ukrainian instruments s.a. Trembita, Tylynka, Duda (Bagpipe), Lira (Hurdy-gurdy), Jaw Harp and Melodica, Concha, drum&bells.

Wolfram Spyra is a German musician & sonic explorer, multi instrumentalist. Though frequently associated with the retro or Berlin School sound pioneered by Klaus Schulze, he uses modern ambient electronica elements extensively, creating his own rich sound that defies easy categorization. He plays analogue electronics and Steel Cello. He often uses the unique technique of real-time sampling.