Energetic Kammerton[1]

The original programme by Roksana Vikaluk

Each of us is unique. Nowadays it very often happens, that we live our life being moving from task to task, from duty to duty… So, we start to live automatically. This means, that we are on the way towards losing the very important contact with our unique and creative “Inner Child” which we can also call “Intuition” – the brightest and the most helpful source of our life. But we can change this.

The original inner relaxation programme, especially directed to people, who find themselves stuck in stressful competitive circumstances and work environments, but also to people, who directly take part in competitions (e.g. art Festivals, job competitions, castings etc.) The project bases on the original system with elements of art-therapy and music therapy:

  • it helps to improve well-being, emotional well-balancing, purification, and fulfilment with positive energy;
  • it favours the recovery of the internal silence, thanks to which the right solutions come – means return to contact with intuition;
  • it helps to awake, run and strengthen the awareness of a unique gift, which is people’s own creativity.

How does it work? (Is it witchcraft?)

While all of you coming and taking the most comfortable places and positions, I will carefully “listen” with my soul to the “choir” of the energy waves, which each of you emanates. Then while listening, my heart/intuition says to my hands, which music I should create during our meeting. This music will be silently played on electronic instruments or acoustic piano absolutely live, without any of previous preparations. This music plays a role of a sort of Energetic Kammerton, which beautifully tunes the atmosphere in our room: invisibly, as invisible a beautiful inner light can be. So, this means, that together, we are able to create a wonderful, unique, colourful and full of love cloud of energy, which will charge us for a longer time. Without a single word, we will be able to share it with each other and then we will be able to share it with surrounding us world… 

You must…

Do nothing …except keeping silent – nothing else.

You can…

sit down, recline, stand, fall asleep… or make drawings or small sculptures yourself or together with your neighbours during the meeting.

All you need to bring with you…

is any inner state, everything, what you currently feel;

if you would like, bring your favorite object – toy, picture, photo, talisman etc. 

a camping mat – in case you would like to lie down. If you like, pillows and blankets as well.

How many of us?

Meetings are held in a one-to-one form, as well as in groups of up to 12 people. During one-to-one meeting, there is a possiblity of creating a personal sound mandala for the specific person, with recording it on a digital CD or pendrive.

How long?

Seances last from 15 to 30 minutes.


[1] Kammerton (Tuning fork) – a resonating device used for tuning musical instruments.