dedicated to actors and not only

Energetic Kammerton[1]

The original programme by Roksana Vikaluk

(dedicated to actors and not only)

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts, (…)


(A pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare “As You Like It”)


 With reflection at the beginning …

Each of us sooner or later comes to the same conclusion as the great writer. However, it is true that a real theatre or film actor feels his role in this life in a unique way: he never leaves the stage. The actor is a perceptive Citizen of the World, regardless of whether he physically migrates. Regardless of whether an actor is standing on the stage of the Theatre or backstage, whether it is a rehearsal or a spectacle, whether he is experiencing an empty or filled audience, is he currently learning the role and looking for the point of character, in which he or she is incarnating… while going on with normal life´s duties, like paying bills, refuel, bringing children to school … feeling ill, recovering, going on vacation, “shaping” the soil in one´s own garden … Whatever an actor does, he is in a constant creative process. The profession of an actor is a kind of anointing, but on the other hand – a colossal challenge. They are people of the so-called initiates: an actor can give spectators such a strong hope, that sometimes the best psychotherapist is not able to give. Such an incredible mission lies on the shoulders of each actor.

Regardless of whether, according to the sinusoidal line of life, he experiences the rise of creative possibilities or vice versa, i.e. he feels burnout, which is accompanied by exhaustion in general, the actor always has his own, unique internal resources, His Height Solution. It is suggested by a sharpened intuition, in a unique way. It is this intuition, which can create miracles with its hidden hints. It is intuition, which suggests fantastic ideas for one´s own development. It is intuition,

which signals the need to extend one´s own creative skills ➟ which often leads to a sense of inner satisfaction and then to the feeling of success within us ➟ and as a result, it opens up fantastic perspectives on the outside.

Good contact with your own intuition is nothing but the ability to live in peace with yourself.

It happens, however, that when one lives in a state of constant tension or stress, one loses or is on the way towards losing a very important contact with one´s unique and creative “Inner Child”, which can also be called “Intuition” – the most valuable and most helpful source of our life. Then panic appears, and every major or minor problem becomes unbearable, continuously depleting internal forces. What are the most typical handy rescue boards in these cases? Very often, the are smoking rooms, sms chatting, tormenting each other by endlessly discussing the same old problems / states of affairs in cafes with colleagues, which then causes even greater deepening of stress … or self-closing, alcohol.

So, would an alternative exit in such a situation exist, in addition also at your fingertips? Yes. It has been proven, that even one minute spent in total peace is able to save a man from the worst decisions. Make yourself a gift of 15 to 30 minutes of complete internal muting, experiencing the salutary regeneration of your state of mind and soul.

About the programme

The original inner relaxation programme, especially directed to people, who find themselves stuck in stressful competitive circumstances and work environments, but also to people, who directly take part in competitions (e.g. art Festivals, job competitions, castings etc.) The project bases on the original system with elements of art-therapy and music therapy:

  • it helps to improve well-being, emotional well-balancing, purification, and fulfilment with positive energy;
  • it favours the recovery of the internal silence, thanks to which the right solutions come – means return to contact with intuition;
  • it helps to awake, run and strengthen the awareness of a unique gift, which is people’s own creativity.

How does it work? (Is it witchcraft?)

While all of you coming and taking the most comfortable places and positions, I will carefully “listen” with my soul to the “choir” of the energy waves, which each of you emanates. Then while listening, my heart/intuition says to my hands, which music I should create during our meeting. This music will be silently played on electronic instruments or acoustic piano absolutely live, without any of previous preparations. This music plays a role of a sort of Energetic Kammerton, which beautifully tunes the atmosphere in our room: invisibly, as invisible a beautiful inner light can be. So, this means, that together, we are able to create a wonderful, unique, colourful and full of love cloud of energy, which will charge us for a longer time. Without a single word, we will be able to share it with each other and then we will be able to share it with surrounding us world… 

You must…

Do nothing …except keeping silent – nothing else.

You can…

sit down, recline, stand, fall asleep… or make drawings or small sculptures yourself or together with your neighbours during the meeting.

All you need to bring with you…

is any inner state, everything, what you currently feel;

if you would like, bring your favorite object – toy, picture, photo, talisman etc. 

a camping mat – in case you would like to lie down. If you like, pillows and blankets as well.

How many of us?

Meetings are held in a one-to-one form, as well as in groups of up to 12 people. During one-to-one meeting, there is a possiblity of creating a personal sound mandala for the specific person, with recording it on a digital CD or pendrive.

How long?

Seances last from 15 to 30 minutes.


[1] Kammerton (Tuning fork) – a resonating device used for tuning musical instruments.