Roksana Vikaluk – singer, multi-instrumentalist, actress, composer, educator, essayist. 

Born in 1973 in Ukraine


1988 – 1992

secondary music school, Ternopil, Ukraine (classical piano).


Diploma in Pianist, Teacher of music, Concertmistress. Secondary music school, Ternopil.

1992 – 1994

private singing lessons (Prof. M. Bolotnyy), Ternopil, Ukraine

1999 – 2002

post-secondary jazz music school, Warsaw, Poland (cl. Ewa Bem)


Diploma in Musician, jazz vocalist. Post-secondary jazz music school, Warsaw. Dimploma exam has been played with Andrzej Jagodziński Trio.

University education

2002 – 2007

study at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, Katowice, Poland.


Diploma Master of Arts, Academy of Music, Katowice, Poland.


Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz

Field of study:

Jazz and stage music


Composition and arrangement

Graduate dissertation:

Gil Evans and Miles Davis. Inspirations. (Written in Polish)

Practical Master’s exam:

“The Meaning of the Blues” (Bobby Troup/Leah Worth, arr.and singing  R. Vikaluk), “Happy 30” (instrumental, R. Vikaluk). Both compositions were performed with the school big-band.


completed a teaching practice at the Jewish Theater of Rachel and Ida Kamiński in Warsaw, while leading the orchestra and vocal ensemble.

Collaboration with Theatres


Jewish Theatre, Warsaw, Poland; as a singing actress, composer, musician, regisseur.


Theatre Praga, Warsaw, Poland; as a singing actress and composer.

2009 – 2012

Theatre Rampa Warsaw, Poland; as a singing actress and composer.

2018 – present time

Teatr Polski, Wroclaw, Poland; as a singing actress.


Teatr Nowy, Łódź, Poland; as a composer.

Professional activity and other important live events


jazz singer in Jazz club “Nichlava” (Ternopil, Ukraine) 


moving from Ukraine to Poland


collaboration with Józef Skrzek, the leader of the SBB progrock band, Poland (Jazz, rock, sound&visual pearformances)


collaboration with the Jazz trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik, Poland 


  •  recording the video clip “Midnight Sun” (L. Hampton); it has been   placed in the top ten charts of hit- parade on Ukrainian Television;
  • recording of jazz standards for Ukrainian Radio (broadcasted); – concert with solo programme in National Philharmony, Warsaw


teacher of piano and vocal (private lessons), Warsaw


collaboration with Jazz saxophonist Tomasz Szukalski


student of the First Lady of Polish Jazz, Ewa Bem


founding the band MIZRAH (R. Vikaluk – voc., piano, R. Borowski – fl., P. Aleksandrowicz – gtr., W. Traczyk – double bass, M. Trela – dr.), Warsaw.


competition “New Tradition” (Warsaw); the band “Mizrah”, award – recording an album in the most prestigious studio in Poland “S1”;


collaboration with Gypsy band “Roma”; singer. Warsaw


premiere of spectacle “Jaskółka” (“Swallow”); composer, singing actress. Rampa Theatre, Warsaw.

2009- present time

collaboration with electronic musician, inventor, pedagogue Wolfram DER Spyra as a duo “Moon&Melody”


“Taki jeden dzień”, a chamber theatrical music spectacle, inspired by motifs of Scholem Alejhem; direction, composer, singer, electronic instruments player)

2012, 2017

performances within “DOCUMENTA” (Kassel) 


special guest of the TV programme “Music for adults” (leading – Maria Burmaka, Ukraine, Kyiv) with solo programme (voc., electronic instruments, piano);


the spectacle “Getto Dybukiem Warszay” (“Ghetto is a Dybuk of Warsaw”), Jewish Theater, Warsaw: composer, live performing with electronic instruments, singer;


Kasseler DokFest, music for the trailers, performing on the openings; with Wolfram Spyra


  • composer, performing musician (electronic instruments, piano), singer of the performances, Jewish Theatre, Warsaw: 

    “Rzeź. Diabelski plan Stalina” (“Slaughter. the devilish plan of Stalin”)
    “Stanisław Wygodzki. Dziewczynka z lalką” (“Stanisław Wygodzki. The Girl With Doll”)
    “Śmiech to zdrowie” (“Laughter is good for health”)
    “Ejli, Ejli…”

  • presentation of the newest author’s program (vocals, piano, electronic instruments) in a frame of Oleksij Kogan’s project “A Theme with Variations” (artistic production center “Jazz in Kiev”, Ukraine)

2016 – present time

columnist at Ukrainian newspaper “Nasze Słowo” (“Our Word”), the column “Korale”;

2017 – present time

  • co-founder of “WorldWideWindow” Multi-Media Event Space, Art Gallery and Performance Stage; Berlin, Frankfurt (Oder);
  • teacher of piano and vocal (private lessons), Berlin


  • the main sung role in the “Księgi Schulza” (“The books of Schulz”) spectacle. Teatr Polski, Wrocław, Poland;
  • spectacle “Tak było miło, było cicho… znowu licho. Czerwony Głód” (“It was so peaceful, so serene… calamity again. Red Famine”), based on the “Red Famine” book by Anne Applebaum; director, composer, singer, performing musician (electronic instruments), actress. Polish premiere at Teatr Polski, Warsaw.


  • moving from Warsaw to Berlin;
  • spectacle “Es war so hold und still geworden… schon wieder morden! Roter Hunger”;director, composer, singer, performing musician (electronic instruments), actress. German premiere in Passionskirche, Berlin.


beginning of collaboration with the legendary composer Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, as a singer, composer, performing musician, Poland

Instruments: piano, jew’s-harp, melodica, low tom. Electronic instruments: keyboards, synthesizers, looper, sampler.

Studio work: ability of recording and mixing; work in Logic Pro.

I am also working with Musescore app.