Roksana Vikaliuk’s concert programs are mostly based on her own compositions and poetry by Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish authors, as well as on traditional Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar and Jewish songs in her own interpretation.

Roksana is inspired by almost everything, because she believes that the world around her is already creative in itself. Above all, however, she draws inspiration from Slavic and Middle Eastern folklore. Equally important is the influence of neoclassicism, jazz, and electronic music on Roksana’s work, all of which helps her discover new tonal spaces in the process of creating her own compositions. If we add theater to the above, the program she presents on stage takes on the specific form of a musical performance:

“I play and tell… I live on stage and an the same time create a story where theatre and folk music intertwine, while the beautiful folk song is next to jazz and electronic moods … as everything happens in my life, in contrasts. So, I share with the audience the same air that I breathe … “


“Oyfn Veg”

“Я -przez -Я”



“Spyra, Krigar, Vikaluk”

“Na svyata svyaten’ki”

“Nightingale’s Tale”

“Bozhe velykyy yedynyy”